Andy Hawes


Andy has spent much of the last 30 years playing guitar in various rock covers bands in and around Peterborough, including ‘Picture This’, ‘Junkyard Dog’, ‘9 Lives’, ‘Atlantis’ and ‘Sidewynder’. Some of these bands included some original material written or co-written by Andy. He has also played in ‘Cold Sweat’, a Thin Lizzy tribute band.

Americana is Andy’s first foray into Country music, having enjoyed listening to it since discovering American band ‘Little Texas’ on CMT in the 1990s.

Musical Influences

Andy’s primary musical influences are the great AOR rock bands of the 1980s and the guitarists who characterize the genre, including session greats Tim Pierce, Dann Huff, Mike Landau, Toto’s Steve Lukather and Bryan Adams’ guitarist, Keith Scott.

Andy’s main country guitar influence is Keith Urban, although Dann Huff’s session work in 90’s country bands also figures prominently as an influence in Andy’s playing in Americana.

Favourite Artists

Rick Springfield, Survivor, Journey, Toto, Bryan Adams, Keith Urban, Little Big Town, Lady Antebellum, Sugarland


  • Fender Hot Rod Deville ML (Mike Landau) 2×12″ amp
  • Fender Blues Junior IV 1×12″ amp
  • Suhr S4 HSS Stratocaster-style guitar
  • Fender Nashville Telecaster
  • Fender Mexican Telecaster
  • PRS S2 Standard 24 Doublecut Satin
  • Ovation Balladeer electro-acoustic guitar
  • Taylor 214ce electro-acoustic guitar
  • Spider pedalboard
    • Moen GEC-9 FX loop switcher
    • Boss FL500 H volume pedal
    • TC Electronics HyperGravity Compressor
    • TC Electronics Hall of Fame Reverb
    • TC Electronic Flashback 4 Delay/Looper
    • Wampler Euphoria Overdrive
    • Wampler Brad Paisley Deluxe Dual Overdrive
    • Wampler Pinnacle Distortion
    • Suhr Jack Rabbit Tremolo
    • MXR M133 Microamp
    • MXR Micro-Chorus
    • Line6 G70 wireless
    • Voodoo Lab Power supplies

All Andy’s guitars are set up by Jon Haire Guitar Services and have been for nearly 30 years.

Andy’s approach to guitar tone starts with a great instrument and a great clean valve-amp sound. He then uses a variety of pedal combinations to colour the tone to suit the song, a technique currently used by American session genius Mike Landau.