Terry Naraine, band promoter, Peterborough:

“Brilliant gig, Brilliant band! and the final encore of ‘REO Speedwagon’s’ ‘Take it on the Run’ was just the icing on the cake! ‘Americana’ is firmly in Town, Peterborough Town!”

John Chappell:

“Americana are the best country covers band I’ve seen. Great live as a full band and the acoustic sessions are extra special! If you can get a date, book these guys. You won’t regret it!”

Angie Langcaster:

“One of the best things, for me, about attending country festivals and weekends, is that I almost always get to see some soloist or band that I wouldn’t otherwise. For instance, if anyone had invited me to go see a new country band called ‘Americana’ (How ‘new country’ can a band name sound?! 😉 ) led by a female vocalist who doesn’t play an instrument (apart from her voice), I’d have most certainly been ‘washing my hair’ that day, but in less than fifteen minutes my dubious approach (and probably that of a few other died-in-the-wool, old-country audience members, judging from the slowly changing expressions on some faces) turned to sheer pleasure – and after only a one-set ‘showcase’ performance, they had completely won me over! 🙂 Brilliant performance full of vitality, amazingly good audience-rapport and what a fantastic voice that lady has – Well done, Karl Needs, for giving ’em a chance at your weekend – One to watch out for in the future methinks!”

From recent gigs:

“Really enjoyed tonight, it’s good to see and hear something different.”

“Who needs Nashville Nights when you have live country music on your doorstep?!”