Last gig of 2021 – the Harrier

Just a reminder that we will be peddling our usual brand of modern ‘stadium country’ at The Harrier in Gunthorpe TONIGHT (Friday 26th November) from 9pm.

We’re always glad when a local venue is willing to take a shot with our style of music, and it’d be great to see as many friends as can make it to reward the pub for its support. So…. stick “I’m A Celebrity…” on record and come down for some proper live entertainment!

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"On the road again…"

Saturday saw us on stage for the first time in eighteen months, having only been able to scrape together a couple of rehearsals since lockdown was lifted, at the Royal Oak, Hail Weston for their music festival (in aid of the mental health charity MIND), WestFest.

Wow. What a great day, and a fabulous audience. Massive thank you to Reuben from the Royal Oak and his team for putting on the event – we had an absolute ball.

If you go visit our media page, we have a bunch of videos from our set for you to enjoy!

This is our church! (photo: Nick Breen)
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WestFest is back and so are we!

At last! If you’ve missed us as much as we’ve missed playing in front of an audience, now’s your chance if you’re in the south east of England to come see us on the afternoon of Saturday August 7th!

Fans of the band may remember our set at WestFest in 2018 – well, we’re back, and we’ll be bringing the full 90 minute stadium country set!

Although there’s still a BBQ and lots of excellent beer, things are a little different this year, to ensure social distancing and the general well-being of the audience and the Royal Oak’s staff. Check the festival link for more details.

We have a table for 6 reserved for fans of the band for the afternoon session, for which there is a donation of £20 (for the whole table). If you are interested in a seat at the Americana table, please let us know via our contact page. Once that’s gone, there might be more tables available from the pub, but don’t bank on it – book with us now to avoid disappointment!

Bands on in the afternoon:

12.00–1.15 pm: Fake News (Pop Covers)
1.30–2.45 pm: Hittin’ 88 (classic 80s covers)
3.00–4.30 pm: Americana (that’s us!)

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Badges, posters, stickers, t-shirts

Well, at least some of them…

Sadly, our merchandise store is unavailable until further notice, as Clothes2Order have decided to stop hosting merch stores 🙁

You can still catch us at a gig, where we do have some stock of t-shirts!

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Rehearsals and Gear Updates

So that was a blast! We do appear to have not forgotten the songs (well, mostly) during lockdown, and what rust there was fell off remarkably quickly.

For the gear heads amongst our fans (you know who you are), there have been some updates, particularly on Steve‘s and Andy‘s pages….

Andy has a new amp, and a new Strat, thanks to a trade with Trev from Tipton Amps which saw the Mike Landau amp leave, and a Victory V40 stack and a very nice Fender Mexican Strat arrive. And his Fender Blues Junior amp also left. Just not very far…

Steve, on the other hand, apart from acquiring Andy’s Blues Junior, and adding a 12 string to his array of Ovations, has acquired a Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster, which is this brilliant hybrid electric/acoustic, light as a feather and sounds amazing, especially after being set up for him by Jon Haire. We’d like to sing its praises not least because, as far as we can tell, all the negative reviews come from people trying it as a solo instrument, not in a band context. With Steve’s role in the band, it works just brilliantly, giving us a clear, slightly produced-sounding acoustic guitar voice that fits perfectly in the mix, and the option to change to a very useable electric sound with just the flick of a switch.

Also, Mike’s picked up a Zoom Q2n-4K video camera for recording rehearsals and gigs, so you may see more video soon!!

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We're baaaaaack!!!!

First rehearsal since lockdown (if you don’t count the last couple of weeks of individual ‘how did this song go again? did I really play that?’ practise) tonight.

We have a gig booked for 26th November at the Harrier in Gunthorpe (thanks, Scott!) and another coming up on 6th August which we’ll have up on the website just as soon as the last details are confirmed (and you don’t want to miss it!)

It’s nice to be back. Stay safe, folks!

P.S. Also? Huge congrats to our former singer Victoria and her musical partner in Tennessee Twin, Geoff, on their engagement.

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This cropped up in our Facebook memories this week, and Mike is embarrassed to note that he didn’t in fact remember it at the time. Our thanks to Americana super-fan Denise Parcell for capturing our performance of Little Big Town’s gorgeous balled “Sober”, featuring Evonne’s gorgeous vocals and Steve’s subtly brilliant mandolin part. Enjoy! And hopefully we’ll see out out live sometime later this year…

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The Lockdown Sessions – Little White Church

We’re working on some music for you all in these somewhat strange times. While all that comes together, we dug this out of the live archives, thanks to the sound crew from Thorney Live Music Festival back in 2018, and Mike has been mixing down off a multitrack and putting pictures to it.

There’ll be more fun stuff to come from the virtual studio before we’re done. Stay safe, and keep checking back!

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Live at the Burghley Club

At a loose end on Saturday? Pop down to the Burghley Club in Peterborough for Americana’s first ever visit and our first gig of 2020! We’re expecting a big crowd for the usual selection of energetic modern country – see you there!

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Upcoming gigs…

We’re back at two of our favourite venues in November. On the 2nd, you can catch us at the Market Inn in Huntingdon: it’s a cosy venue just off the square that serves excellent beer, has friendly staff and always has a great crowd. The fun starts at 8pm, and we’ll be doing three sets, rather than our usual two. Look out for some songs you may not have heard us do before (especially if you missed our set at the Crown!)

Later in the month (on the 30th) we’re back at Thorney ex-Servicemen’s Club – again, a great venue with a fabulous atmosphere and a great sound.

Just to reiterate – our diary’s open for 2020, so if you know of a venue you think we’d suit, please drop us and/or them a line via this page or Facebook.

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